Welcome to UmmaMagPk: Promoting Unity, Diversity, and Cultural Exchange

UmmaMagPk is a charitable and cultural organization dedicated to fostering global connections and promoting unity among diverse communities. With a mission to create positive change, UmmaMagpk strives to build bridges of understanding, celebrating diversity and nurturing a sense of togetherness.

Our Main Aims and Goals:

▪︎Facilitate cross-cultural dialogue and exchange.

▪︎Empower youth and promote their active involvement in community development.

▪︎Organize charitable initiatives to support and uplift underprivileged individuals.

▪︎Create platforms for cultural expression, celebrating the richness of diversity.
Promote educational opportunities and intercultural learning.

Our Notable Events:

Charity Iftar: A groundbreaking event that brought together people from different backgrounds and religions, highlighting the importance of unity and comassion.

Turkish Earthquake Relief Project : In this humanitarian project, more than 100 boxes of clothes, shoes &  blankets were handed over to the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek to show solaridarity with Turkish families .

Cultural Showcases: Vibrant displays of various traditions, music, and art, fostering cross-cultural appreciation.

Youth Leadership Workshops: Empowering the younger generation through skills development and leadership training.

Join UmmaMagpk as we work towards a more inclusive and harmonious world, embracing the beauty of diversity and creating meaningful connections that transcend borders. Together, we can make a difference

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