Dr Umar Shakeel Chaudhary

Founder & CEO Pak Kyrgyz Youth Connect | Umma mag Pk | Cross-Culture Collaborator | Humanitarian Entrepreneur
As the Founder & CEO of Pak Kyrgyz Youth Connect, he embodies a solid commitment to fostering cross-cultural connections and collaboration. With a passion for humanitarian efforts and a drive for entrepreneurship, he combines these diverse interests to create a meaningful impact on human lives.


Introducing Muhammad Umar Shakeel:

Founder & CEO of "Pak Kyrgyz Youth Connect" and "UmmaMagPk"

Muhammad Umar Shakeel, a visionary leader and cross-cultural collaborator, is the driving force behind transformative initiatives promoting unity, diversity, and humanitarian values. As the Founder and CEO of Pak Kyrgyz Youth Connect, he has been instrumental in fostering strong connections between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan, empowering youth and creating platforms for cultural exchange.

With an unwavering commitment to community development, Muhammad Umar Shakeel established UmmaMagpk, a cultural organization aimed at promoting global connections and creating positive change. Under his guidance, UmmaMagpk has organized numerous successful events, including a memorable charity Iftar that brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds and religions, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and compassion.

Muhammad Umar Shakeel's leadership and dedication have earned him recognition as a senior community leader and humanitarian entrepreneur. His tireless efforts continue to make a lasting impact, bridging gaps and inspiring others to work towards a more inclusive and harmonious world

Hope a Project in your Mind

Driven by a visionary mindset and a commitment to fostering unity and empowerment, he eagerly looks forward to engaging in projects that have the potential to create lasting positive impact on individuals and communities.


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